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    Tongli Testing Center


        Tongli testing center is belong to Zhejiang tongli modified engineering plastics Co., Ltd. The daily work of testing center is for all kinds of modified engineering plastics company which the performance index of sample material and storage material testing. And supply the testing report on time.After two years of hard work., our testing center was officially approved by 17025:2005 ISO/IEC in July 10, 2015. Acquired Laboratory Accreditation Certificate by the China Natioanl Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

        Below is the report copy:






        Tongli testing center has a set of complete detection system.Whether it is a test environment or test equiment, all this according with the national standard implementation. To ensure the reliability and authenticity of the test data.


       The testing center is currently has two main laboratory- constant temperature and humidity and thermal performance of the laboratory .



Constant Temperature and Humidity Laboratory


Thermal Performance Laboratory

      The testing center has a melt flow rate instrument, composite impact test equipment, universal testing equipment, electronic density balance, thermal deformation, Vicat softening point temperature measuring instrument, Plastic Rockwell hardness tester, Constant temperature and humidity test box, UV aging test box, Oxygen index instrument, and so on testing equipment, to ensure the diversity of test items. At the same time each year,  we will invite the third party to calibration apparatus, to ensure that the error of the test results is minimal.


                               UV agiing test box                                                       Tensite property Testing       澳门巴黎人游戏

                                 Hardness Testing                                             Load deformation temperature testing


                         Melt Flow Rate Detection                                     Rosh (environmental protection detection


       Zhejiang Tongli modified engineering plastics co., ltd based on spirit of social responsibility, Start from Sept. 2015 ,testing center open to all of clients which have testing requirement. To create a modified engineering plastics testing data center in Taizhou.. At the same time, Tongli testing center will assistance client reach testing standard.Help to build a laboratory. And sell the mold in accordance with the testing standards.. Help others enterprise to solve the problem of testing. Let the modified engineering plastics business to be a better tomorrow. More detail information please link to :


       Welcome visit Tongli testing center.


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