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Model Name Application
  TL/PP4 public accordance

Grade: TL/PP4

Characteristic: public accordance

Application: Automobile Exterior and Interior Parts such as Expansion Tank, Glove Box Assembly, Left-right Door H

  PCG10-4U Glass fiber reinforced flame retardant PC

Grade: PCG10-4U

Characteristic: Flame retardant, fine appearance, good mechanical properties

Application: Under the meter case

  TL/PBTGF30FR Glass fiber reinforced flame retardant PBT


Characteristic: Environmental friendly flame retardant V-0, good mechanical properties

Application: Terminal block

  TL/PA6GF30NH Glass fiber reinforced nylon 6

Grade: TL/PA6GF30NH

Characteristic: Glass fiber reinforced 30%, excellent appearance, good mechanical properties

Application: Electric drill shell

  Flame-retardant PC Flame-retardant PC

Grade: Flame-retardant PC

Characteristic: Flame-retardant

Application: LCD TV after shell and bracket, LCD rear shell and bracket, laptop case

  PBT/G6 Reinforced Series

Grade: PBT/G6

Characteristic: high mechanical property, high heat resistance

Application: Fan,Office Supplies

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