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a. Color Matching Technology

Through more than 10 years of development, Tongli has cultivated a skillful team led by senior engineers. The employees of the team are passionate in their work and rich in innovation awareness, and can timely and accurately develop and deploy various matrixes in various colors and varieties.

Color matching team: 6 (including 2 senior color matching engineers, 2 color matching engineers and 2 color matching technicians)

Color varieties: more than 5,000

Automobile special materials: more than 1,000 materials for electrical appliances

More than 1,500 materials for PC/ABS alloy: more than 1,000 types

Our company has input large sums of money into hardware configuration, and now has been equipped with many injection molding machines for color matching, special color matching molds and high-precision imported color-matching instruments.

Color matching equipment: 2 injection molding machines for color matching; 12 sets of special

color matching molds

Hardware facilities: BYK colorimeter

Minolta colorimeter:Datacolor MATCH PIGMENT

Color quality control software: TOOLS QC

Database management: establish a color-matching basic database by reading optical characteristics of 5-8 concentration points of each pigment.

b. Service Support

Our company has established a perfect pre-sales and after-sales quick service mechanism. All of your technical problems in product design and application can be solved by professional engineers in our company.

◆Development & Design Stage of Customer Products:

R&D engineers and technical service engineers directly participate in the product design of customers, help them to select materials, and provide material processing performance parameters, material mold flow analysis and mold design reference comments.

◆Our design center has established a “Customer Application Study Room” specializing in application research of customer products.

◆Set up full-time technical service engineers: provide technical service of material injection molding process in the trial production process and batch production process.