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Date:2015-02-12 澳门巴黎人官网

Polyethylene terephthalate (PBT) is a common engineering plastics. PBT polymerization process is mature, the cost is lower, molding processing easy. The performance of unmodified PBT is not good, and the practical application of PBT is modified, and the glass fiber reinforced PBT is 70% or more.

1 PBT process characteristics

PBT has obvious melting point, melting point is 225~235, and it is crystalline material, and the crystallinity can reach 40%.

The viscosity of PBT melt was less affected by temperature than that of shear stress, so the effect of injection pressure on PBT melt flow was obvious.

PBT good fluidity in the molten state, low viscosity, after nylon, prone to forming; casting; phenomenon。

Anisotropy of PBT forming products. PBT was easily degraded at high temperature。

2 injection molding machine

Choose screw injection molding machine. Consider the following points。

①The amount of material used in the injection molding machine shall be controlled at the rated maximum injection rate of the injection molding machine 30%~80%. It is not suitable for the production of small products with large injection molding machine。

②The ratio of the gradient type three stage screw, the ratio of the length to diameter ratio of 15~20 and the compression ratio of 2.5~3.0。

③Self - locking nozzle should be used and the temperature - controlling device with heating。

④In the form of flame retardant grade PBT, the relevant parts of the injection molding machine shall be treated by anti-corrosion。

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