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Guangdong: environmental inspection and then action, involving Shunde

Years ago in the inspection of environmental protection, let in the South China Sea plastics business losses, in the recent several days to get the news, the local environmental protection department and strong attack, Shunde are examined. According to reflect the business, has been going on for two weeks of action, without a license free according to the trader with a great blow, the fines are investigated and dealt with from a few million to hundreds of thousands of dollars, many businesses announced the suspension of business, is expected this action will allow some businesses choose to relocate. Near Guangdong relevant departments, the environmental protection is attached great importance to the intensity of a lot of plastic business, so difficult to operate。

Plastic prices almost flat with yesterday。

Jiangsu area: PET bottles of tablets, Ningbo, Shanghai to support

Many manufacturers in the Jiangsu region of PET bottle chip demand is so large that the cargo from Ningbo and Shanghai direct supply of Jiangsu, the corresponding freight is relatively high, adding to the cost of goods; pet in bulk and particle in Jiangsu local can to purchase, the following is today's reference price: pet color block material 8000-8500 yuan / tons; natural pet particles 8900-9200 yuan / ton; transparent PET bottle chip 7000-7300 / tons, with a small amount of label。

Ningbo area: smooth sales, the demand for large manufacturers

PP, PE crushing material, film and woven bags sell well, the granulation of the goods is relatively large demand. Latest offer: PP white crushed material 7300-7600 yuan / ton.

Hebei: foreign sources of supply, ABS supply shortage, prices rose

Today, Hebei ABS white recycled material 9500 yuan / ton, a small rose 500 yuan / ton, ABS black recycled 8000 yuan / ton, a substantial increase of 1000 yuan / ton. Traders optimistic attitude, estimated that this phenomenon will continue for a week or so.

PC and PVC supply is also very adequate, trading stability. The latest offer: PC transparent polymer 14000-15000 yuan / ton; PVC transparent particles 7000 yuan / ton, black particles 1000-3000 yuan / ton, gray 5000 yuan / ton, other colors need to see the goods pricing.

Anhui area: inventory adequacy, trading smoothly

By the impact of high import tariffs in Guangdong, the purchase of raw materials is not very stable; the particle sales, supply of goods, sales flow。

Latest offer: PP particles white transparent drawing class 8600-9000 yuan / tons; pet hair piece (magazines, trademarks, cap) 5500-6400 / tons; 18000-18500 transparent PC molecules in yuan / tons; HDPE Wahaha crushed material bottle of white 7600-8500 / tons.

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